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2019-5-13 · Is Gambling a Sin? Living in Louisville, Kentucky, people really get "caught up" in Kentucky Derby fever! An older couple that I have a Bible study with tell me they have to miss a Bible study on Wednesday because they are going to the races with the "Golden Oldies," a group of senior citizens from a denominational church they once attended! Is Gambling a Sin? - Christian Concepts - Nowhere in Scripture is gambling denounced as a sin, but since it involves taking an unnecessary risk, is motivated by “the love of money,” and can distract us from serving God, I’m going to go with it being a sin. Of course, others may feel differently, so here is another scenario.

Is Gambling Sinful? - La Vista Church of Christ Gambling is a hard word that is softened by the term lottery. ... Not every sin has a “thou shall not”, but the Bible does tell us how to develop our senses in order to discern both good and evil ... Also consider 1 Timothy 6:6 and Hebrews 13:5. Gambling and the Bible - This story illustrates that not only secular groups, but religious groups as well are involved in this widespread sin of gambling. The argument that the end justifies ...

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Gambling - Is it a sin? The subject of gambling is multi-faceted and something that can divide Christians. On one side of the fence, there are those who argue that it is only a game and, like anything else (eating, drinking, etc.), it is acceptable as long as it does not become controlling or addicting. Is Gambling a Sin? | Bible Questions - JW.ORG The Bible’s answer. Although the Bible does not discuss gambling in detail, we can discern from Bible principles that God views gambling as a sin. — Ephesians 5:17. * Gambling is driven by greed, which God hates. ( 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10; Ephesians 5:3, 5) Gamblers hope to gain money through the losses of others,... Is Gambling a Sin? Find Out What the Bible Says Although the words "gambling" and "gamble" do not appear in the Bible, we cannot assume that an activity is not a sin simply because it is not mentioned. Looking at pornography on the Internet and using illegal drugs are not mentioned either, but both violate God's laws. Is Gambling considered a sin? | Yahoo Answers Is Gambling considered a sin? One of my definitions of sin - is to make a mistake . I guess a little sin in moderation is fun but to blow ones savings on gambling is a sin - as I have seen people do and it is a real mistake .

Is Gambling A Sin. Gambling is not a sin. Dancing is not a sin. Gambling becomes a sin when it turns into something more than a casual "for fun" activity. Too many people jump up and say something is sinful because of potential side effects that occur as a result of additional, conscious decisions some people make down the road.

What Does the Bible Say About Is Gambling A Sin? - Bible verses about Is Gambling A Sin. ... become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire.

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Is it a sin to play poker? Is it a sin to play poker? Is playing poker okay as long as gambling is not involved? Is gambling a sin? - General Poker - CardsChat I am a christian and often think about this when I sit back and play a few games. Moderation is key? Why Is Gambling Considered A Taboo? — Punter2Pro

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What are the chances that gambling is a sin? | When it comes to gambling, the actual act is not considered an evil by the Catholic Church. There is no mention of the word “gambling” in the Bible, although there are a few examples of casting lots (with a famous example being the Roman soldiers dividing Jesus’ garments at his crucifixion (John 19:24) ). Is it a sin to play poker? - Answer: Poker is often considered a sinful activity due to its close relationship with gambling. The Bible instructs us to keep ourselves from the love of money (1 Timothy 6:10; Hebrews 13:5). The Word of God also teaches us to stay away from attempts to "get rich quick" (Proverbs 13:11; 23:5; Ecclesiastes 5:10). Is Betting A Sin? Is Gambling A Sin? - The Bible does not explicitly come out and say that gambling is a sin, or even that it is immoral. However, there’s a reason that our society talks about gambling in hushed tones, sweeping discussions about it under the rug – even while governments operate charity casinos and offer sports betting in Canada through provincial lotteries. BIBLIPEDIA™ - WHY IS GAMBLING CONSIDERED A SIN By ...

Why is gambling a sin - Why are cards considered a sin by some religions? Two reasons I know of. 1. Cards were used in many gambling games. ... gambling* Yes. Gambling is a sin. Is Gambling a Sin - YouTube Is Gambling a Sin? Should Christians gamble? and is gambling a sin? First of all, let me say that I am surprised that so many Christians are unclear to the ...